How Do I Choose the Best Janitorial Service for My Workplace?

Tips for Choosing the Best Janitorial Service for
Your Workplace

With so much attention given to addressing your bottom-line needs, it’s not surprising that cleaning your premises is probably not at top-of-mind awareness. It’s likely something that is taken for granted or handed off to employees to do on an as-needed basis. 

But keeping your offices, conference room, breakroom, and other areas clean and sanitary is essential to protect the health and safety of your staff, clients and other people who visit your business. 

Having a clean and healthy work environment is also important for how your customers and other visitors will view your business. When you think about it, that first impression that people have as they come into your premises could mean the difference between doing business with you and leaving with a negative perception of your company. 

The option that will ideally serve your needs is contracting out for janitorial services. This way you know your facility will be consistently clean, safe, and sanitary. It will likely boost productivity and improve morale as your employees will be happy and appreciative of their clean and hygienic work environment. 

So, the question becomes, how do you hire the best janitorial service? There are specific steps you can take to ensure that the janitorial services company you hire will competently clean and sanitize your premises. Here are some of them. 

6 Steps to Take to Hire the Best Janitorial Services Company

best janitorial service for commercial restaurant

 Read Reviews

Research indicates that 84 percent of people trust online recommendations as much as personal advice from family members and friends. 

Reading reviews should be one of the initial steps you take as you search for the best janitorial services in your area. In these reviews, look for things such as thoroughness, customer service, punctuality, pricing, etc. You also want to pay attention to the average star rating they receive, and how many reviews there are. For example, a company that has a lot of reviews will often mean their customers are enthusiastic about the service they received. 

Reviews speak directly to the quality of work you can expect from a janit orial services company. There’s nothing like reviews by your fellow consumers that will instill confidence that you have chosen the right company for this important job. 

 Check for Liability Insurance

Your business probably spends a good portion of its revenue on IT hardware and software. It is likely that your offices have expensive computers, scanners, printers, and other capital expenditures. Because of this, you’ll want to protect these assets by insisting that a cleaning company carries liability insurance. 

This type of coverage protects your valuable equipment if someone with the cleaning crew accidentally breaks or damages something. 

Along with property damage, a majority of policies will include bodily injury claims. This becomes essential for your business as you won’t be stuck paying the medical bills arising from a cleaning services employee getting hurt while on the job. 

In addition to liability insurance, it is advised that you also obtain these documents before you sign a contract:

  • Business License
  • General Insurance 
  • Business Insurance 
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Ask for References 

It will give you peace of mind to talk with customers and learn – from the inside – how this cleaning company is or is not meeting their needs. You’ll want to receive a list of clients that the janitorial company has performed similar services for recently. 

You can then call each of these references and inquire about the quality of service they received. Ask them if they encountered any problems, and if the janitorial company was prompt, provided good customer service, and if they were detail oriented in their work. Be sure to inquire if they would recommend this cleaning company. 

Look into Certification 

One of the ways you’ll know that you’re dealing with a reputable janitorial services company is if they are certified. Certification tells you that they meet certain standards for quality. It also assures you that the janitorial services company adheres to important state and federal guidelines. 

Consider Experience 

how to hire best janitorial service company for your business

Another important factor when searching for the best janitorial service in your area is experience. 

You want to select a cleaning company that has an extensive range of experience in cleaning businesses like yours. Make sure that their cleaning process is tailored to effectively clean and sanitize your premises. 

Ask this company you’re investigating how many years they have been in business and how they approach their commercial cleaning process. 

If this is an experienced company, they will have a proven track record for cleaning many different types of buildings and facilities. 

Evaluate Customer Service

What could be more important than having reliable and open communication with your janitorial services company? It is essential that your concerns and questions are addressed in a timely manner. 

You are likely going to be interacting with your outsourced cleaning company on a frequent basis. You’ll want to know about everything from pricing, time frames for cleaning, special considerations for your specific building, etc. 

Nothing makes such an impactful impression about a cleaning company than quality customer service. 

Let Dura-Shine Clean Provide Your Business with Expert Commercial Janitorial Services

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Trust Dura-Shine Clean to give your premises a thorough cleaning that will impress you and your clients.  We have the knowledge, and the first-rate equipment, to guarantee a quality cleaning every time. 

Investing in an experienced janitorial services company means you can focus attention on the things that matter – growing your business.

We partner with your facility managers, custodial staff, and crews to develop a best-practices cleaning program. We clean as though our lives depend on it. 

If you are interested in our commercial janitorial services for your business, then we invite you to complete our online contact form. 


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