10 Ways Dura-Shine Clean is the Best Janitorial Service Provider in Tri-Cities

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10 Ways Dura Shine Clean is the Best Janitorial Service Provider

As a business owner, you are swamped every day with major responsibilities centered on ensuring robust growth and achieving a healthy bottom line.  But you also realize how important a clean facility is when it comes to making a positive impression on clients and other visitors.

When you choose Dura-Shine Clean as your local source for janitorial services, you will have a sparkling clean facility that will dazzle everyone who visits your business. You don’t have to take one minute away from your busy schedule to address cleaning issues. 

You can be assured that our janitorial services will be done to the highest standard that ensures satisfaction, as well as the health and safety of your employees, customers, and patients. 

In this blog article, we will show you the top 10 ways that Dura-Shine Clean is the ultimate source in the Tri-Cities for exceptional quality janitorial services. 

Benefits of Dura-Shine Clean Janitorial

 Advanced Tools & Equipment

At Dura-Shine Clean, we invest in the most advanced equipment and tools for our cleaning jobs. For example, we use HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners so your carpets are always fresh, clean, and disinfected. 

Our equipment is well-maintained and always in excellent working condition. 

We use cleaning equipment that is quiet enough to not disturb the work of your employees.  We want your staff to be as productive at their jobs as we are at leaving your facility sparkling clean. 

 Customized Cleaning

We at Dura-Shine Clean understand that professional janitorial services are not a one-size-fits-all approach. So, when we visit your facility, we put together a janitorial cleaning plan that is personal and customized. Our expert cleaners will closely evaluate your special needs and tailor the cleaning specifications based on these. 

You can be assured that we will examine all aspects of your facility and decide what type of cleaning services are required. We will also talk with you to determine what the cleaning trouble spots are so we are as efficient as possible. 

Comprehensive Cleaning

Our expert cleaning professionals at Dura-Shine Clean know how to do a thorough and comprehensive cleaning that leaves no traces of dirt – anywhere. We include many forms of cleaning in our janitorial services to ensure we exceed your expectations. 

Among the various cleaning methods that we use at Dura-Shine Clean are the following: 

  • Indoor and outdoor window washing
  • Touchpoint cleaning
  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning 
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming
  • Disinfecting counters and desks
  • Dusting and wiping
  • Trash and waste disposal

Serve Many Diverse Markets

Dura-Shine Clean serves numerous industries with our superior janitorial services. One area that we provide professional cleaning services to is medical and dental offices. Cleaning facilities such as hospitals, medical and dental practices, and clinics call for a specialized service that demands a higher level of performance. That is what Dura-Shine Clean delivers every time. 

Other markets Dura-Shine Clean serves include the following:

  • Private Businesses
  • Office Complexes
  • Schools 
  • Retail
  • Industrial 
  • Government
  • Special Events
  • Stadiums
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High Level of Training

Your business benefits from a superior janitorial cleaning service that only well-trained cleaning professionals can provide. You have the peace of mind that your property and building are in safe hands because we have been thoroughly trained and to the highest industry standards. 

Our janitorial team has undergone thorough training in all aspects of facility cleaning. You can be assured that we will surpass your highest expectations with our first-rate cleaning services. 

 Other benefits to your business from well-trained janitorial professionals:

  • Savings

A well-trained janitorial crew will be highly efficient in their work, which means the cleaning services will be finished sooner. That saves your business money. Knowledgeable janitorial professionals will apply the right cleaning techniques for the job, and that reduces the amount of supplies wasted and prevents damage to equipment. 

Also consider that a well-maintained facility is less likely to need expensive and time-consuming maintenance or repairs, like a carpet replacement.

  • Professionalism

When a cleaning crew undergoes a high level of training, their increased value and self-worth is reflected in their professionalism. Janitorial workers receive validation for their efforts after they’ve completed training courses or certification. This brings about increased confidence, and that results in a higher degree of professionalism. 

Enhanced Safety

There are times when our Dura-Shine Clean cleaning crew arrives at a facility and there is a high probability that we will encounter potentially hazardous situations like a chemical spill or bodily fluids. Our janitorial professionals adhere to all safety guidelines and laws so that no one at your business is negatively affected. 

Our cleaning crew at Dura-Shine Clean will follow the necessary protocols that ensure that everyone at your facility is safe from harm. 

Assured Confidentiality

Many facilities, and yours is probably one of them, have confidential documents in them. They might be financial statements or medical forms. Dura-Shine Clean understands the laws that protect the privacy of individuals and the proper disposal of certain types of documents. 

Quality Work

best janitorial services in tri cities

At Dura-Shine Clean, we are the industry leader for expert and knowledgeable janitorial services. Our mission is to strive and achieve excellence. That is how dedicated our cleaning crews are to delivering the highest quality cleaning services to your facility. 

For every janitorial job we do, we pledge to adhere to the highest performance standards. At Dura-Shine Clean, we have an unwavering commitment to excellence and quality, and our satisfied clients are proof of just that. 

Trustworthy Employees

How is Dura-Shine Clean trustworthy? It begins with ethical hiring practices, in addition to extensive training, background checks and ongoing employee support. 

Easily Understandable Bids

We believe at Dura-Shine Clean that bids should be clear and easy to understand because your business has a lot at stake when it comes to janitorial services. The health and safety of your workers depends on the quality and breadth of cleaning services performed by our company. 

We take it as a sacred oath that our bids will be transparent so our clients feel comfortable and assured that their premises will be spotless and sparkling clean, while upholding standards for health and safety. 

Let Dura-Shine Clean Provide Your Business with Expert Janitorial Services

We partner with your facility managers, custodial staff, and crews to develop a best-practices cleaning program. We clean as though our lives depend on it. 

Trust Dura-Shine Clean to give your premises a thorough cleaning that will impress you and your clients.  We have the knowledge, and the first-rate equipment to guarantee a quality cleaning every time. 

Investing in an experienced janitorial services company means you can focus attention on the things that matter – growing your business.

Dura-Shine Clean services clients in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, Moses Lake, and Othello

If you are interested in our janitorial services for your business, then we invite you to complete our online contact form. 


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