9 Reasons to Hire an Office Cleaning Company

Did you know that there are more than 10 million bacteria on a typical office desk? That is 400 times more bacteria than what is found on the average toilet seat. With the reality of these germs being so close to your workplace, it makes since why so many businesses rely on office cleaning companies to keep their office clean.

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Here is a breakdown of the dirtiest places in an office:

  • 75 percent of break room sink-faucet handles
  • 48 percent of microwave door handles
  • 27 percent of keyboards
  • 26 percent of refrigerator door handles
  • 23 percent of water fountain buttons
  • 21 percent of vending machine buttons

Now does hiring an office cleaning company seem like a good idea?

It’s a natural inclination to be hesitant to spend money on a cleaning service. After all, as a business owner, you want to allocate your monies toward functions that will strengthen your bottom line. Can’t your employees pitch in and do basic cleaning of the office?

You may be surprised to learn that a professional office cleaning company can help generate impressive earnings in many ways. 

Keeping your office clean and sanitary is a vital part of maximizing employee health and productivity. Consider that your staff spends approximately 40 hours a week in their work environments. This makes it essential to keep these spaces clean. 

Let’s take a look at the practical and money-saving reasons why you should hire an office cleaning company. 

Office Cleaning Companies can provide Greater Productivity 

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Research shows that a clean work environment plays a significant role in worker productivity. When the environment is clean and tidy, your employees will be more motivated to concentrate on their job responsibilities. 

If your offices are not clean and sanitary, your employees will be tired, run down and stressed, making them less inclined to perform their job duties. 

If you hire an office cleaning company, you make it possible for your business to generate more money. Why?  Because your employees will be healthy more often and be inspired to maximize their productivity. 

 Office Cleaning Leads to Fewer Sick Days

If you invest in an office cleaning company, your staff has a much better chance of being healthier and feeling better. This results in your employees taking less sick days. Hiring a cleaning service is especially important if your employees work closely to each other. 

Now in the fall, and as winter approaches, this is the time of year when the cold and flu seasons make it much more likely that your workers could become ill. A professional office cleaning service is your best defense against germs and bacteria. 

A big advantage of a cleaning service is that they will make sure that all surfaces, especially ones that are regularly touched, are sanitized. That alone will lessen the chances of major outbreaks of sickness occurring at your business. 

Custom Cleaning Services

Your office environment is unique to your business. That is why it is essential to receive a custom cleaning service that addresses your specific issues. A one-size-fits-all model is outdated and ineffective when it comes to commercial cleaning. 

A quality office cleaning company will begin by meeting with you to determine the best cleaning solution for your building. They will create a cleaning plan that meets your exact business’s needs. 

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

When you hire professional cleaners, you should expect to receive a complete and in-depth cleaning. Quality commercial cleaners will refer to a detailed check list as they sanitize and disinfect all areas of your facility. 

Expert cleaners will perform a deep cleaning using the best quality cleaning products that are also safe. This ensures your employees work in a healthy and clean environment. This comprehensive approach to cleaning will leave your facility germ free and disinfected. 

Save Time & Money

If you’ve ever had your employees clean the breakroom or kitchen, there is a good chance they got to dreading it. It probably also took them quite a bit of time to do this cleaning. This action meant you had to take your employees away from their jobs, and that can negatively impact your company’s bottom line. 

It may feel like a never-ending battle to keep communal areas free of dirt and grime. But if you hire an office cleaning company, you will potentially save considerable time and quite a bit of money. That is because a quality cleaning crew will perform their cleaning tasks with precision and in an efficient manner. 

You are bound to realize that hiring professional cleaners will save your business time and money, and ensure that your employees continue working uninterrupted. When they’re left to devote all their time to their job responsibilities, your workers will be more motivated to increase their productivity levels. That can lead to an increase in profits for your business. 

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Impress Visiting Customers & Clients

In business, first impressions mean everything. When your customers enter your building or facility, they will immediately form an opinion about your company based on how it appears. The last thing you want to have happen is for clients to be dissuaded from doing business with you because your premises are dirty and untidy.

You’ll find that by spending some money now for office cleaning services, you will potentially earn more money later by making customers feel good when they’re inside your office. When visitors have a positive attitude about your business, they are more inclined to purchase your products or services. 

 Commercial Cleaning Provides Cleaner Air

A dirty workplace breeds air pollutants. If these workspaces are not cleaned, your HVAC system will begin to circulate bacteria, dust, and even mold through the air. Initially, you may not detect the effects, but this will eventually cause respiratory illnesses. 

Clean office environments are associated with higher cognitive functioning. This means that fresh air increases your ability to retain information, to reason, and maintain focus. So, by improving the air quality in the office, you make it possible for your employees to enhance their job performance. 

 Prevent Mold and Other Hazardous Risks

A toxic mold infestation can sicken numerous employees, even if the building seems to be well ventilated. Mold gives off powerful mycotoxins that are dangerous to breathe. 

Among the types of conditions that mold growth can cause are allergic reactions, asthma, pneumonitis, fungal infections, and respiratory issues. 

The best way to prevent mold growth is to hire an office cleaning company to keep the office environment clean and healthy. Professional cleaners will thoroughly clean all surface areas and nooks and crannies to ensure your office is free of mold spores. 

Achieve Best Cleaning Results

Your employees would probably do a mediocre job at cleaning, but professional cleaners have the expertise and know-how to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning. 

An office cleaning company will stay on top of any issues that could threaten your air quality. These well-trained and experienced cleaners are equipped with the most effective and top-of-the-line tools to give your office a cleaning that will produce the best results for your business. 

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Let Dura-Shine Clean Provide Your Business with Expert Commercial Janitorial Services

Trust Dura-Shine Clean to give your premises a thorough cleaning that will impress you and your clients.  We have the knowledge, and the first-rate equipment to guarantee a quality cleaning every time. 

Investing in an experienced janitorial services company means you can focus attention on the things that matter – growing your business.

We partner with your facility managers, custodial staff, and crews to develop a best-practices cleaning program. We clean as though our lives depend on it. 

Dura-Shine Clean services clients in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, Moses Lake, and Othello. 

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