Benefits of Having Your Work Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Keeping your home clean and tidy is obvious for most people. However, in workplaces, details and deep cleaning processes are often overlooked. This is surprising given that, unlike your home, offices house potentially hundreds of employees per day. Most business owners aren’t aware of the cleanliness in their office space or don’t have the time to think about these needs. You would be surprised at how many businesses go years without caring about the state of their carpets or investing in carpet cleaning. 

Professional carpet cleaning should be on every business’s regular maintenance list. Designing your office space and selecting and purchasing carpets is a significant investment. You want to make sure you take care of that purchase and ensure it looks great and lasts its entire lifetime. Expert care increases your carpet’s longevity and means your carpet will hold up better under wear and tear. Here at Dura-Shine, we recommend you outsource your carpet cleaning multiple times each year – here are the top reasons why it is necessary for any business!

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Top 5 Benefits of Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is an Investment

Commercial carpet cleaning is a significant investment for a business. The material doesn’t come cheap, and the labor and installation process is also a pretty penny. With such an expensive purchase, you want to make sure you get all the life out of it you can. Unfortunately, you cannot apply the same rules to industrial carpeting as those in your home. Office carpets undergo repetitive, heavy foot traffic, especially in walkways and aisles, and are subject to much more dirt and debris than your floors at home. The fibers weaken and eventually break down. You can see signs of damage in the floor’s appearance, but it also becomes uneven, loses strength, and lacks stability. 

Neglecting proper carpet care will lead to premature demise and another expensive replacement shortly afterward. You can combat carpet wear and tear and breakdown by caring for your carpet with a regular maintenance schedule. Regular professional carpet cleaning can increase your carpet’s lifetime and reduce the effects of wear and tear. This protects your investment, helping you get many more years of life out of your workplace carpets. Routine carpet cleaning records are often needed as proof of care if you try to replace your carpets under warranty.

2. Commercial Cleaning Companies Hire Expert Cleaners

Appearances are one of the first things potential clients notice. You want to put your best foot forward by having a neat, tidy, and, most importantly, clean office space when a new customer walks in the door. This starts with your commercial carpets. Your office carpets endure near-constant high-volume traffic. This means that you’re at-home carpet cleaning methods or a simple hand-held carpet cleaner won’t do the trick. Professional carpet cleaners can give your office floors the facelift they need. Experts can do more than just remove dust and dirt – they can eliminate all sorts of stains. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about any remaining cleaning products or soap left in your carpet that could damage its fibers. 

Professionals notice every stain on your carpet and know how to remove even the stickiest substances. They also have industrial-grade equipment that assists with water damage cleanup and can apply high-level stain protectants to safeguard your carpets in the future. There is a noticeable difference in a cleaning job performed by an expert carpet cleaner!

3. A Time and Energy Saver

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You may feel it would be worthwhile or cost-effective to purchase equipment and operate it with your staff. However, this usually isn’t the case. Investing money in equipment isn’t worth it if you and your crew don’t know how to operate it properly, maximize it efficiently, or expertly remove stains.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company means they do it correctly and efficiently the first time around. There is no risk that you will have to redo your work or learning curve for new equipment. Additionally, experts know proper cleaning techniques, preventing potential damage to your floors. The pros know the ins and outs of different types of carpets and their respective cleaning methods. This makes the cleaning process go faster, saving time and energy. 

4. Healthy Work Environments

Clean work environments create healthy workspaces. A well-maintained office signals to clients and employees that you care about their physical health – clean work areas improve employee mental health and productivity. Carpets harbor surface dirt, which is reached easily by a vacuum. However, there is still a lot of invisible debris and dirt buried underneath their fibers. This build-up can cause employees to experience allergy flare-ups, respiratory issues, skin reactions, headaches, and increased fatigue. 

Health issues in the workplace can lead to an adverse effect on employee productivity in the office. This can also lead to an increasing amount of sick days used by each employee. Ultimately, every business wants their workers to feel good, safe, and healthy in their office, which can increase their job satisfaction and happiness. You can prevent dirty carpets from taking their toll on your workforce by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your floors.

How Dura-Shine Clean Can Help Clean your Office’s Carpets

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Are your office carpets in need of a facelift or a deep clean? Dura-Shine Clean is here to help! We specialize in commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning in the Tri-Cities, Washington area. We know the importance of cleanliness, appearance, and health to each business, its employees, and its customers. 

Our powerful, earth-friendly solutions and proprietary professional methods will help your carpets look better than ever! We begin our work with pre-treatment on your toughest stains. Next, we use our special cleaning solution to reach deep into the fibers of even the most densely-woven carpets. After more than 25 years of carpet cleaning experience, we understand the unique needs of each of our clients and their flooring. We have flexible work times and offer after-hours schedules that give your carpet a facelift overnight. Visit our website, or give us a call to get a quote today and start your journey toward a better-looking office! 


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