How Often Should I Get My Business Windows Pressure Washed?

When you last looked through your commercial windows, were you able to see clearly through sparkling glass, or was the sight dingy and hazy? Windows, like many parts of a commercial business, require regular cleaning to keep them looking top-notch. However, you aren’t simply cleaning for cleaning’s sake; there are critical benefits to keeping windows spick and span! Let’s dive deeply into why windows get so dirty, the three benefits of keeping them pristine, how often you should get them cleaned, and where to get professional services. 

How Do Windows Get So Dirty?

It can seem like you just cleaned a window to turn around and find it dirty again. Windows, while a critical part of every building, quickly gets dirty. On the outside, dirt, dust, and grime from the environment can become airborne and end up stuck to the glass. Pollution, hard water, and the changing seasons can also lead to windows becoming gross. Alas, it isn’t just the outside; the inside of your windows can dirty quickly too. 

Interior window grime can come from a variety of places, especially in a commercial business. While it is unlikely you have little hands or pet noses smearing the glass as you would in a home, any dust, dirt, or grease kicked up inside the building can end up on the windows. For example, warehouses often track copious amounts of dirt and mud on the wheels of forklifts and other machinery. Alternatively, commercial kitchens often contain the dirtiest windows of all due to steam, grease, and other cooking particles floating around. No matter what it is, no one enjoys looking through a dirty window. 

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Business Windows

The first benefit of regular pressure washing your windows is how it can dramatically increase the aesthetic of your building. Dirty windows can make your facility look run down, aged, or neglected. You certainly don’t want your building to look like something out of a horror film. With first appearances being a critical factor for many businesses, you want your building and its windows to always look pristine, well cared for, and inviting, so they must be clean! 

The second benefit of window pressure washing at your business is employee productivity. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans, on average, spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. That means many hours a day exposed to artificial light! When your windows get grimy and dirty, it decreases the volume of natural light that comes into the building. Natural lighting is a subtle necessity of the workplace that increases worker satisfaction levels and can reduce anxiety. Additionally, natural lighting can reduce eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness. Therefore, keeping your windows clean creates a better, healthier, and more productive environment for your workers. 

Lastly, clean windows simply provide more light into the building. Not only does this mean that your staff can see better, but depending on the shape of your building and how many windows you have, it can actually decrease your energy costs if you can turn off the artificial light for part of the workday. Plus, some businesses perform better utilizing natural light to show off their products, so if you are taking pictures or showcasing a new product, clean windows may mean the difference between getting a sale or not. 

How Often Should I Get My Business Windows Pressure Washed?

It is typically recommended that businesses get window pressure washing between two to four times a year. Of course, the external and internal environment of the building will significantly factor into this timeline. For example, if your building is located in a high-traffic area where dust and debris typically fly around, you will likely need cleaning services once a quarter. The same goes for commercial buildings that see heavy internal airborne debris, like warehouses and kitchens. However, if your business is in a quiet area and doesn’t produce airborne grime inside the building, you could get away with it twice a year. 

If you choose to get your windows pressure washed every quarter, the start of each season is an exemplary timeline to follow. However, if you are going with it twice a year, we recommend getting your windows pressure washed in the early spring and mid-autumn. This will allow you to rid your windows of the harshest aspects of the winter and summer seasons! 

Make Your Windows Sparkle with Dura-Shine’s Window Pressure Washing Service

Dura-Shine Clean provides window cleaning services for commercial buildings of all sizes. We offer interior and exterior window cleaning services, skylight cleaning, and storm window cleaning to leave your windows sparkling and your office filled with more light! To get a quote for your commercial window cleaning, please complete our work request form

Keeping a clean building is more than just windows. Extensive regular cleaning is required to provide a clean, sanitary, and healthy environment. In addition to window cleaning, we offer janitorial services, carpet and upholstery cleaning, COVID-19 cleaning, exterior building washing, post-construction cleaning, and more. Please visit our website for a full list of our services so you can get on the fast track to a beautiful, clean, and safe environment for your business. 


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