How to Create a Commercial Janitorial Schedule that Works for Your Business

Keeping a clean, tidy, and healthy space is vital for the success of any business, from tiny two-person teams to massive companies with hundreds of employees. Today, we will share with you the importance of commercial cleaning and how to create a successful janitorial schedule that works for your business. 

Why Commercial Cleaning is a Necessity 

The first and most obvious factor of why commercial cleaning is essential is that it provides a safe and healthy environment for your team and guests to work in—regular cleaning aids to eliminate germs, bacteria, and allergens that can cause illness and discomfort. Living in a post-COVID world has made this necessity even more vital. Companies can help reduce the spread of flu and cold outbreaks through consistent commercial cleaning. 

A clean office will not only provide a healthy environment for your team but also improve company morale, enhance productivity, and provide a good impression on clients and customers. Overall, a workspace can never be too clean! 

How to Create a Successful Commercial Janitorial Schedule

Step #1: Assess Your Cleaning Requirements

Before creating a janitorial schedule, it’s essential to assess the cleaning needs of your business. Take a walk around your office or building and make a list of all the areas that need cleaning. This could include restrooms, break rooms, reception areas, conference rooms, and other high-traffic areas, as well as low-traffic zones such as storage closets and emergency stairwells. After, you will need to determine how frequently each location needs to be cleaned and what type of cleaning it requires. For example, restrooms may need to be cleaned and restocked daily, conference rooms may only need to be cleaned once a week, and storage rooms may need only once a month.

Step #2: Write a Cleaning Checklist & Comprehensive Cleaning Schedule

Once you’ve assessed your cleaning needs, create a cleaning checklist that outlines all the tasks that need to be done in each area. This checklist should be specific and detailed, including tasks such as wiping down countertops, cleaning floors, dusting fans, and restocking supplies. While writing your list, note how often each item on the checklist should be completed. 

Once you have your list of tasks and frequencies, it is time to create a comprehensive cleaning schedule. A comprehensive cleaning schedule ensures that nothing is missed during the cleaning process and that irregular chores aren’t forgotten in the long term. Here is a basic example of what a comprehensive cleaning schedule might look like:

Daily Cleaning Tasks:

  • Empty all trash cans and replace liners
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms, including toilets, sinks, mirrors, and floors
  • Refill soap dispensers, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers
  • Clean and sanitize kitchen areas, including countertops, sinks, and appliances
  • Wipe down desks, tables, and chairs
  • Vacuum carpets or sweep and mop hard floors
  • Dust surfaces, including desks, shelves, and window sills
  • Clean and sanitize high-touch areas, such as door handles, light switches, and keyboards

Weekly Cleaning Tasks:

  • Deep clean restrooms, including scrubbing toilets and urinals and wiping down walls
  • Dust and clean blinds, curtains, and window treatments
  • Dust and clean baseboards, trim, and molding
  • Deep clean carpets
  • Clean and polish hard floors
  • Wipe down walls and doors

Monthly Cleaning Tasks:

  • Deep clean kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves
  • Clean and sanitize light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Dust and clean vents and air filters
  • Clean and polish glass surfaces, including windows, mirrors, and partitions
  • Deep clean upholstery and fabric surfaces

Yearly Cleaning Tasks:

  • Deep clean carpets and flooring
  • Strip and wax hard floors
  • Clean and sanitize HVAC systems
  • Deep clean restrooms and kitchen areas, including tile and grout

Step #3: Delegate Easy Cleaning Responsibilities to Staff

Depending on your team size and office type, you can delegate easy cleaning responsibilities to staff members. Not only can it be a way to save money on easy tasks, but it can help to promote a work culture of cleanliness and responsibility. When everyone is involved in keeping a space clean and tidy, they are likelier to treat it with respect and care. 

Of course, cleaning responsibilities for staff should always be safe and appropriate for their skill level. We don’t suggest having them clean the internal components of fans or scrubbing grout tiles in the bathroom. We recommend keeping it simple with tasks such as emptying their personal trash cans, wiping down surfaces, and organizing supply closets. Small jobs should take less than 10 minutes to complete, and larger projects, such as organizing a supply closet, should be included in their work schedule so they have the capacity to complete them without feeling overtasked.  

Step #4: Hire a Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company

As you can likely see from the points above, most companies need additional help in keeping their work environments clean; it is nearly impossible to do all of the cleaning yourself. By hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to take on your janitorial schedule, you can rest assured that you maintain a clean work environment while freeing up time to build your business successfully.

Working with a local commercial cleaning company is convenient because they will meet with you to discuss your cleaning needs and create a customized cleaning plan. They will work around your schedule to ensure that cleaning tasks are done at a convenient time for your business. Additionally, a cleaning company has access to professional-grade cleaning equipment and supplies, ensuring your office is cleaned to the highest standards.

Dura-Shine Clean – Your Local Commercial Cleaning Company

As an established and award-winning local company, we pride ourselves on building relationships and trust with the clients we serve. We listen and work to understand their needs, so we can exceed their expectations. We provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients — whether they need ongoing service or a one-time large-scale cleanup. No job is too big or too small for our team. We treat each project with the same level of care. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our commercial janitorial services and customized cleaning solutions.


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