COVID 19 Cleaning in Franklin County, WA

Covid 19 Cleaning & Disinfecting Service in Franklin County


Businesses who are operating during the Covid 19 pandemic should ensure the satisfaction, health, and safety of their employees, customers, and patients. Maintaining a clean facility during the Covid 19 pandemic leaves a refreshing and positive first impression on everyone to enters your workplace and keeps your workers safe.

Dura-Shine Clean has worked with many Franklin County industrial sites, schools, medical and dental facilities, business offices, multi-tenant buildings, restaurants, and retail facilities. All aspects of facility cleaning are invested in when it comes to our staff — from how to use the equipment and technology we provide to staying up to date on the latest cleaning standards. We’re known for our attention to detail — not only do we sweep and vacuum, but we also clean common touch-points such as doorknobs and elevator buttons to eliminate the spread of germs.

Investing in an experienced facility cleaning means you can focus attention on the things that matter – keeping your business and its workers safe.

Commercial Covid 19 Disinfecting services

As COVID 19 continues to change our day-to-day lives, Dura-Shine Clean is prepared during this pandemic to provide Covid 19 cleaning in Franklin County according to the protocols set forth by the CDC.

Dura-Shine Clean provides enhanced cleaning services for businesses that include touch-point cleaning and electrostatic disinfection to help prevent the spread of illness-inducing germs, viruses and bacteria. 

The health and well-being of the communities we serve are our absolute top priority, so we take special care of our clients to ensure both your reputation and ours!

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Best Commercial Disinfecting Service in Franklin County

Dura-Shine Clean is the premier Covid 19 cleaning service in Franklin County, WA. As the Corona Virus has spread, cleaning and disinfection has become more important than ever, making the quality of cleanliness integral to our safety. We use methods of disinfecting such as Touch-point cleaning and electrostatic disinfection, which are the most effective ways to make sure your facilities and your workplace stay clean, safe, and healthy.

Check out our comprehensive list of COVID 19 resources for you and your business, and if you need help keep your customers and employees safe and healthy, give us a call today!

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