Benefits of Touch-Point Cleaning

Touch-point cleaning focuses on common areas in your building or facility, and locations that are handled frequently by numerous people during the day. Essentially, it involves cleaning high-traffic areas, known as touchpoints. 

Some examples of these touch points are light switches, doorknobs, handles, registers, and elevator buttons, which are all common areas where germs and viruses gather and then spread from person to person. These are all considered to be high-risk areas to come into contact with disease, viruses, and germs. Think of touch points as the most vital areas to address when cleaning. 

Touch-point cleaning, and the sanitation that it brings, are especially important and relevant right now during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, can be transmitted by touching infected surfaces with your hands. The coronavirus is transmittable on surfaces – like light switches or door knobs – for hours to as long as a couple of days if they have not been cleaned. 

What is Touch-Point Cleaning?

A key to effective touchpoint cleaning is thoroughly disinfecting surfaces. The process for disinfected touch-point cleaning begins by initially cleaning surfaces with a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.  Then disinfect with EPA registered, low-hazard chemicals.

Once the disinfectant is applied, wait for the manufacturer’s recommended time before rinsing and drying the surface. This might be as long as 10 minutes, while the disinfecting agents adhere onto and kill lingering germs. The surface will likely remain shiny with the chemical for the duration. 

This process is meant to provide an important layer of protection for all staff and visitors in your commercial building. 

Touch-point cleaning is especially effective for cleaning surfaces that have any sort of contamination like food, beverage, dust, mold, fungus, or mildew. 

Touch-point cleaning helps to prevent the spread of germs with its ability to kill germs. Once the germs are killed, they cannot replicate and cause problems. 

Touch-point cleaning can take place both indoors and outdoors. 

Benefits of Touch-Point Cleaning

There are studies that indicate that 73 percent of employees get the flu or cold at work. Taking a proactive approach to cleaning, like implementing touch-point cleaning, can help to combat the spread of illnesses at work. By having touch-point cleaning done on a regular basis, you offer a robust form of protection against viruses or bacteria infiltrating your workforce and causing high rates of absenteeism. 

When you take measures like touch-point cleaning, it sends the message to building occupants – staff and visitors alike – that you care about their health and well-being. As the employer, you convey the message that the health of your employees is important, and this leads to greater productivity for your business. 

Lessens Absenteeism in Your Company

By implementing touch-point cleaning at your place of business, you help to do your part for reducing the incidents of absenteeism among your employees. Touch-point cleaning can have a significant impact on the number of absences due to illness. High rates of absenteeism – due to employees taking more sick days – could lead to poor productivity and low customer satisfaction. Why not use touch-point cleaning to help promote a workforce that is composed of healthy, productive team members. 

Creates a Higher Functioning Workforce

When your employees are battling or enduring illness, injury, or other conditions while at work, they are not working at a highly productive rate. If your building is not as clean as it should be, you could have workers suffering from acute health conditions and chronic health problems. 

When you provide an ultra-clean facility – with touch-point cleaning – you make it possible for your staff to work at their best. A thoroughly cleaned facility or building translates into your workers performing well because they feel good and they’re healthy!  Your employees operate at optimal efficiency and, as a result, customer satisfaction soars. 

Put simply, a happier, healthier workforce translates into a stronger bottom line. With a super clean environment comes a workplace where employees thrive! Touch-point cleaning can give you this competitive edge. 

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During this time of the pandemic, we’ll show you how our COVID-19 cleaning & disinfection services can keep your business safe.

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