10 Best Tips for Post Construction Cleaning

10 post construction cleaning tips

10 Post-Construction Cleaning Tips

After a major construction project has been completed, you will probably be excited to enter your new space. However, as you survey the area, it becomes apparent that you will need to wait awhile in order to contend with a post-construction cleaning project.

Construction causes a monumental mess, with dust, drywall dust and tile dust, and saw dust lingering throughout the site. You will need to either hire a construction cleaning service or do it yourself.

In this blog space, we will present a guide consisting of 10 tips for a post-construction clean-up so you can have your work site looking clean and presentable. These recommendations will help you ensure that all sorts of construction debris will be cleared away from your construction project site.

Top 10 Post-Construction Clean-Up Tips

Have the Necessary Equipment & Supplies
Before immersing yourself in the post-construction clean-up project, make sure you are armed with the appropriate supplies and equipment to do the job right.

Here is a comprehensive list of what you will need at your disposal to make sure your site is completely clean.

  • An adequate number of trash bags
  • Dust masks
  • Hoses
  • Shop vacuum
  • Safety Signs
  • Brooms (push broom and bristle brooms)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dustpans
  • Hard hats
  • Mop buckets and wringers
  • Ladder bumpers
  • Upholstery tools
  • Putty knives
  • Mop heads
  • Scrub pads
  • Scrub brushes
  • Eye protection
  • Cleaning Industrial bins
  • Step ladders
  • For washing windows: (buckets, strip washer, rubber blades, squeegee, steel wool, rubber blades, razor blades scrapers, extension poles)
  • Utility duty cart
  • Extension ladders
  • Carpet cleaning supplies (strippers, floor finish, detergents, pre-sprays, spot protection, deodorizers, and rinses).
  • Other necessary chemicals (all-purpose cleaning solution, spray bottles, stainless steel, metal, wood, window, and stone cleaner)

Let Dust Settle

You will notice at the construction site that the air appears cloudy as a result of all the dust that has been kicked up. You will want to allow the dust to settle to the ground. It is futile to attempt a major clean-up of the post-construction site if the dust is still lingering in the air.

As the dust is settling, focus on an area where there is much less dust in the air. After the dust has settled, proceed with your post-construction cleaning efforts.

Also, make sure you protect yourself by wearing a face mask during the post-construction clean-up. That mask will protect your respiratory system and prevent you from a lot of coughing as you struggle to breathe in clean air.

Dealing with What Construction Crew Has Left Behind
The initial phase of your post-construction cleanup is to dispose of the enormous amount of trash in the area. As you survey the interior and exterior areas, take notice of construction supplies, such as staples, screws, bolts, etc. You are also bound to see tape, drop cloths, and plastic tarps.

Pick up all the trash and debris before you embark on the major parts of post-construction cleaning.

Make Sure Windows Are Open
You’ll want to open windows and doors in a safe manner while you’re cleaning the post-construction site. This will allow all of the dust to escape, providing you with a more hospitable working environment. Fresh air will blow inside and the dirt and dusty air will be distributed outside.

You might try using a high-powered construction fan so you can more efficiently eliminate the thick layers of dust and dirt in the inside air.

Wash the Windows
You are sure to find the windows coated with thick layers of dust. All you need is water and a soft rag to adequately clean the windows. After getting the dust off, return to the windows and now clean them with a streak free glass cleaner so they are completely clear.

post construction cleaning tips for clean floorsClean the Floors
The floors will absolutely contain the most dirt, debris and dust at your post-construction site. That is typical for a major construction job.

For your hard floors, sweep and then mop them to have them looking clean and shiny. If you are wanting a more glistening type of clean, apply a layer of protective finish to the floors. You could also wax, polish and buff the floors.

When it comes to carpet, vacuum thoroughly and be sure to use a wet rag to clean up dried dirt. Keep in mind that carpet fibers will trap all the fine wooden splinters, as well as all of the dust. We suggest you use an industrial shop vacuum to clean out all of the grounded dirt and other debris. Next, shampoo the carpets. Depending on how messy the construction project was, you might need to steam clean the carpets, as well.

The only type of cleaning for your floors that will be more daunting is dried paint. You may need professional cleaners to handle that issue.

Address the Baseboards & Walls
There is no preventing walls and baseboards from being scratched and marred during construction. Construction crews use heavy tools and equipment that result in everything from dings, bruises, and minor to major dents.

This calls for patching and repainting for your post-construction clean-up project. You will then thoroughly clean the walls and do the same with the baseboards. Clean the baseboards with a dishwater detergent and water mixture.

Clean Interior Systems & HVAC Unit
The way your HVAC system is built, it will pick up airborne dust and dirt. Keep in mind that your HVAC unit is working especially hard because of the construction that took place. You will need to change the air filters. You will probably want to hire a professional company to clean your ductwork. By relying on a professional job, you will ensure that your HVAC is appropriately tuned up and all registers and vents are free of debris and obstructions.

Don’t Overlook Driveways & Sidewalks
As a business, you want to make a positive first impression. Your sidewalks and driveways will be what customers and visitors will initially notice about your company. Be sure your sidewalks are swept and that you have disposed of all residual construction material and debris as part of your post-construction cleaning.

Also, power wash the driveway and all exterior walkways. Doing all of this exterior cleaning will make a huge difference for your business image.

Clean Lighting Structures
That persistent powdery dust lands on just about everything. That is why post-construction cleaning should include cleaning your lighting structures and even lightbulbs. It is worth noting that the dust film will reduce energy efficiency and generate an unpleasant odor.

Make sure you turn off all the electricity before cleaning the light bulbs with a dry, soft cloth.

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