Simple Cleaning Solutions

Why purchase separate cleaning solutions or tools to get your home shining bright when you can utilize everyday items to get the job done.

Prevent scuff marks with masking tape will help keep your baseboards free of scuff marks when you’re getting those tough corners. Keep your coffee grinder clean by using a handful of rice in your grinder to eliminate odor and remove any residual grounds and oils. Toss the rice and wipe it clean. Use your broom for double duty. 

To get at crown moldings and hard to reach spaces, place a microfiber rag over the broom’s bristles and secure with a rubber band. Hitting those nooks and crannies will be much easier. Keep your chrome shining with baby oil. Apply a dab to any cotton cloth and use it to shine the faucets and chrome surfaces in your home.

You can count on Dura-Shine Clean for all commercial cleaning purposes and simple cleaning solutions! Dura-Shine Clean is located in Pasco and Othello, Washington.


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