Self Residential Cleaning: How to make your Shower Sparkle

Are you tired of your shower keeping your bathroom from looking sparkly clean during your routine residential cleaning? Maybe you could benefit from trying these tips to help keep your shower shining.

Get Rid of Buildup. Try mixing some liquid soap with baking soda, until it’s the consistency of frosting. Scrub it onto the glass shower door with a no-scratch sponge.

Multitask. Just as your finishing up your shower, grab a sponge-like Magic Eraser and give your shower door a quick wipe down. The warm water will have already loosened up the grime, making cleaning a breeze.

Squeegee. Prevent hard-water deposits by using a squeegee after each use during your routine residential cleaning.

Prevention. Using a Daily Shower Spray between deep cleans will help keep your shower clear. Using one of these sprays will help prevent hard-water stains and buildup. 

Need help cleaning the bathroom in your home and other difficult to clean areas in your house? Give the cleaning experts at Dura-Shine Clean a call today to schedule your residential home cleaning!


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