How to Throw a Safe Barbecue

As the summer comes to an end, it’s important to remember steps you can take to throw a safe barbecue. Inevitably you will either throw or attend a barbecue, which means it would be wise to read up on these important safety tips in mind when preparing for a safe barbecue. 

Safe Barbecue

  • Read the instructions. 
  • Whether you’re using a gas grill or one that burns charcoal, take time to read the owner’s manual before starting your fire. 
  • Be sure you are following the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. 
  • Always grill outdoors. 
  • This may seem elementary, but not everyone remembers the importance of proper ventilation and basic fire precautions. Your garage, or a tent, isn’t a safe location for a grill. 
  • Keep the grill stable. Check the surface you’re placing your grill on. You don’t want it to tip over unexpectedly.
  • Also, take care to place it well away from the flow of people and pets, especially children. 
  • Clean the grill first. Scrape off any grease or fat that can make a fire difficult to control. 
  • Stay close by. Never leave your grill alone while you’re talking, getting food, or enjoying yourself. 
  • Dispose of coals safely. Once you’re finished, douse the hot coals thoroughly, cover the grill, and wait at least 24 hours before emptying it. 
  • Never store coals in the paper, wood, or plastic containers.

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