Cats v.s. Dogs: Who Sheds the Most?

who sheds more cats or dogs


Do Cats or Dogs Shed More?

We all enjoy the presence of pets in our lives. They are entertaining, loving and even cuddly. If you keep your pets primarily or part of the time indoors, you no doubt experience shedding in your home. It is simply a way of life for the vast majority of cats and dogs – they shed.

Some types of cats and dogs shed more than others. Either way, it means we have to be vigilant about cleaning, and that means thoroughly vacuuming. It is especially the case that if you have multiple pets it seems like a never-ending battle to remove pet fur from your furniture and other fixtures in your home.

Why Cats and Dogs Shed

Practically all breeds of cats and dogs shed. During the winter, both cats and dogs will develop a thicker coat, and that insulates them from the cold weather. When spring and summer arrive, they begin to shed in order to regulate their temperature. Actually, the more daylight your pets are exposed to, the more they shed. Why? Their bodies are taking it as a sign that warmer weather is about to happen.

Shedding can be more pronounced when pets are pregnant or have certain types of ailments.

Pets that Shed the Most

Cat Shedding

When it comes to cats, they have finer fur than dogs, which means their fur tends to remain in the air longer. Cat fur is also more noticeable than dog hair. Fur shedding is especially obvious with longer-haired breeds of cats.

Some breeds of cats shed much more than others do. The long-haired breeds include Main coon, ragamuffin, ragdoll, American bobtail, and Norwegian forest cats. The cats that shed the least are Bengal, Burmese, Devon Rex, Siamese and sphynx.

Cats, and not dogs, are typically the culprits when it comes to their dander and saliva causing allergy issues in people.

Dog Shedding

Obviously, dogs shed, as well. So when you are considering which breed of dog to join your family, be aware that dogs that have two coats – an undercoat and a top coat – will tend to shed the most. Typically, many dogs shed their undercoat twice a year and their top coat once.

The dogs most known for their shedding are huskies, German shepherds, golden retrievers, Saint Bernards and Alaskan malamutes.

Best Ways to Combat Pet Shedding

One method to reduce shedding of your pets is to regulate the temperature indoors. Also, if you make it a point to keep your pets mostly indoors, they will be not as likely to grow heavier coats, which means less shedding in the warmer months.

While your pets are indoors, they will not shed as much fur if you keep your home air conditioned during the summer. In the winter, make sure your house is kept warm so your dog or cat will not develop as much fur to be shed later.

Keeping your dog’s or cat’s shedding to a minimum will happen if you frequently brush and groom your pets.

Being vigilant about vacuuming, and using a vacuum with good suctioning, will also control the accumulation of pet hair in your home.

Other solutions to pet shedding include the following:

Choose the right breed — Before you select a new pet, research how much they shed fur. For example, if you are more particular about maintaining a clean house, you might opt for a Bengal cat or Maltese dog, as they shed very little fur.

Train your pet — You can train your dog or cat to stay away from the furniture, which will greatly diminish the amount of fur on your sofas, chairs, and so forth.

Professional Cleaning — If you prefer to spare yourself the chore of deep cleaning your home on a regular basis, consider hiring a professional cleaning service for scheduled cleanings. You’ll find that a professional cleaning crew will do a superb job at eliminating all traces of pet fur and dander in your home.

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