Biohazard Zone? Be Wary of These Dangerous Workplace Areas

Is your workplace a breeding ground for germs and disease? Don’t freak out. Just be aware of these areas where germs may be creating biohazard zones. Washing your hands regularly and keeping hand sanitizer at your desk can combat germs. Even better? Call Dura-Shine Clean and ask how we can help maintain your facility to help maintain your employee’s health. As the COVID-19 virus continues to rage, its important to combat these biohazard zones early by desensitizing these areas that germs accumulate.

  • Telephones. People breath on them all day making them illness waiting to happen.
  • Computer keyboards. Food, hair, and fibers can get trapped between and underneath the keys.
  • Computer mice. Again, you and your co-workers handle these all the time.
  • Elevator buttons. Everyone, sick or well, has to press a button to get to where he or she is going.
  • Conference rooms. Meetings are great places for people to shake hands, eat, use the phone, and spread germs.
  • Break rooms. Germs and bacteria can grow wherever people eat.

Dura-Shine Clean, LLC is a full-service cleaning company celebrating 20 years in the cleaning industry. Founded in 1993 and based out of Pasco, Washington, Dura-Shine Clean offers superior commercial and residential cleaning to Eastern Washington. Dura-Shine Clean provides commercial janitorial services, floor care, window cleaning, residential, carpet cleaning, and event and construction cleanup to help transform your office from a dangerous biohazard zone to a safe space. In addition, Dura-Shine Clean provides janitorial services for specialized businesses such as healthcare and industrial facilities. For more information visit or contact us at 866.625.7647.


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