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Choosing the Right Turkey for your Feast

- Monday, December 02, 2013

Choosing the Right Turkey for Your Feast

With Thanksgiving approaching, you might be wondering what kind of turkey to buy for your big feast. The choices can be a little confusing. Check this quick guide to learn what the different labels mean.


 Despite the name, these turkeys don’t actually have any butter. Fresh Butterball turkeys have no added ingredients and come fresh or frozen. Frozen versions are injected in the breast with a solution of vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifiers, and a preservative. The solution is meant to enhance the flavor and provide moisture that is lost during the freezing process.


 Kosher turkeys are soaked in cold saltwater even before the feathers are plucked, to draw out blood and impurities. Because they go through both rabbinical and USDA inspections, the birds are very clean. The saltwater soak also makes for a more flavorful bird. Kosher poultry are fed an all-natural diet with no hormones or antibiotics.


These birds are fed an all-natural diet and aren’t confined. Often, the birds eat natural feed that is not organic, but has been tested for chemical residue. Generally they have more breast meat, about 50% less fat, and a quarter fewer calories than regular turkeys. However, some consumers have found that free-range turkeys are a little tougher and cook slightly faster, because they are less fatty. 

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